Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter oh eleven treasures

Here is just a peak of some of my favorite Vintage treasures
that I will not ever give up. 
<3 v.

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Just in time for Valentine's day! This sexy vintage lingerie two piece size S/M, $24.50
Vintage Big D & Me navy velor vneck sweater size S, $15.50
Vintage Stripe tunic top. Semi-sheer and totally trendy. Size M/L $17.50

VERY VINTAGE 1960's Made in Austria camel fur coat with ornate lining & buttons. Size S can fit some Mediums- fantastic condition! $100
Beautiful olive green trim along collar & pockets. The ornate lining is also inside the pockets!
Vintage burnt red polka dot cardigan size S, $24.50
Both vintage leather hobo style bags!
AMAZING Leather mulit compartment made in Mexico bag! Suede inside with so much room! Beautiful blue/teal like color. $34.50
Bright red bag with mini fringe tassels on the sides. Some markings on the bottom due to wear but not very noticeable. $17.50

Made in Italy

size 7.5
Vintage chocolate brown leather fringe purse $27.50, Vintage heavy wool zip cape $40 w/50% off, Vintage bell sleeve dress size XS, $17.50
Vintage Levi Strauss blouse size S/M $17.50

Vintage heavy acrylic blend chocolate brown open cardigan size S/M $24.50
Vintage Heavy Knit open cardi in a beautiful satin/peal-like cream with chunky pockets. Size L fits a medium too, $30
Vintage Cape Cod purple floral sweater, 100% wool, 100% adorable! Size S, $24.50
Vintage ruffle chambray oxford size S, $15.50.
Vintage College Towne pout sleeve wool blazer w/ Chanel inspired chain link button, size S $24.50

Chain link closure

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Very Vintage Holiday

Hanukkah is over, Christmas is following suit and I've begun to think about how I can make this holiday of having the house to myself useful. Considering I now have more time to post about new pieces that have been inspiring me to create more creative wardrobe looks. Let's begin with my Vintage fur wrap my mother passed down to me this season. Along with this beautiful staple, I now have my everyday necklace that can go with pretty much everything; gifted by Annie Adams (best boss ever).

Made in house (Neighborhood Collective Building located at 810 Elmwood ave at Annie Adams Adornment), this is my new Sterling silver bow pendant with accompanying 30inch sterling chain.

I could not be happier with this year's gifts from people who mean the most to me. Thanks to my family & friends!

Have a very Vintage Holiday to you all! Enjoy!

love v.

Purse/Bag Station; Second Chic

If you have a vintage bag obsession, so do I. Let's share! Here are a few of my favorites that are new to Second Chic. All prices and details are included in the captions. If you really want one of the pieces, please contact me or stop into the store to see a first hand look at what I have! Most are leather and all are under $30! Enjoy!

Vintage FRYE black leather shoulder bag w/ front pocket $34.50

Suzan 1970s leatherette handbag (left) $17.50 Bag on Right, Sold.

Vintage Hot Heat bag (left) 17.50. Vintage Green leather multi-compartment bag w/fringe pull $24.50.
Vintage black Leather/Suede clutch $17.50

Vintage brown suede chain link envelope bag. $18.50
Vintage Leather Floral stamped leather in a lilac/lavender purple/blue color. $24.50

Vintage velvet dark floral bag $17.50  
Vintage 1970's suede patchwork fringe gather bag. Mint Condition! $45.50

Vintage Fringe leather pouch w/ aztec style detail $17.00

Vintage Rocker leatherette over-the-body bag w/studs & stars $17.50
Vintage COACH red leather camera bag. $25.50